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The Prehistoric Football League's was established to help keep middle-aged football fanatics at home and out of the bars on Sunday. Let's just say it has been marginally successful. Prehistoric Football League.
Aztec Football
Yorba Linda Aztecs
The 2006 Aztecs are going to Florida to be in the Pop Warner National Championships. They are the WESCON Champions and want to win the whole enchalada. They have outscored their opponents 334-3 thru the WESCON Finals.
Now the Aztecs are on YouTube. Check out videos of great plays
See the Orange Empire Conference web site for schedules, maps and more on all the teams from The OC. Check out images from one of the best teams:  the 2000 Aztec's.

CE 210 Computers in Civil Engineering
Information for class, including assignments and the class project, will be posted here. This CE210 Class Web Page will assist students throughout the quarter.
As a member of the elite group of former employees of NBS/Lowry, I have developed a web site just for us. The NBX-Files Home Page is intended to help NBX members stay up to date with their favorite former co-workers at NBS/Lowry. If you have info on an NBX member, please share it with us.
Football for Lunch at Chang's
Baseball for Lunch at Chang's